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Jeremy SFEZ

Senior Software Fullstack Developer and Co-Founder of argos-logo argos, visual testing

🌟 About Me

With a passion for coding and entrepreneurship, I've journeyed through various aspects of web development, constantly seeking to improve end-user experiences and streamline development processes. My adventure began in Paris, France, and has taken me into the heart of the tech world, collaborating with top French companies and co-founding Argos.

  • 🔭 Freelance for top-notch French Companies
  • 😍 Love to set up projects from scratch
  • 🎯 Focus on fast delivery and end user experience
  • 💬 Ask me about Argos or visual testing.
  • 🌐 Connect with me on LinkedIn or X

⚡️ My Tech Stack

JavaScript TypeScript Node.js GraphQL Zod TailwindCSS Next.js Playwright Vitest StoryBook

📘 Open Source


With a deep belief in the power of open source, I co-created Argos, a tool revolutionizing UI testing. Check out how Argos is changing the game in visual testing!

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Jeremy SFEZ's Projects

linvo-scraper icon linvo-scraper

Linkedin Automation Bot with every possible scraping! Valid for 2022 used by

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