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joshwd36's Projects

boa icon boa

Boa is an embeddable and experimental Javascript engine written in Rust. Currently, it has support for some of the language.

fluentmodbus icon fluentmodbus

Extremely lightweight and fast client and server implementation of the Modbus protocol (TCP/RTU).

indexmap icon indexmap

A hash table with consistent order and fast iteration; access items by key or sequence index

itertools icon itertools

Extra iterator adaptors, iterator methods, free functions, and macros.

libc icon libc

Raw bindings to platform APIs for Rust

musescore icon musescore

MuseScore is an open source and free music notation software. For support, contribution, bug reports, visit Fork and make pull requests!

rc-zip icon rc-zip

Pure rust zip & zip64 reading and writing

s-code icon s-code

Calculate grade mean and median with different modules s-coded

sled icon sled

the champagne of beta embedded databases

thatchord icon thatchord

A python script which converts a chord into a diagram for any stringed instrument.

widestring-rs icon widestring-rs

A wide string FFI Rust library for converting to and from wide Unicode strings.

youtube-dl icon youtube-dl

Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites

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