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:book:「一个」、「Time 时光」、「开眼」、「一席」、「梨视频」、「微软必应词典」、「金山词典」、「豆瓣电影」、「**天气」、「魅族天气」、「每日一文」、「12306」、「途牛」、「快递100」、「快递」应用 Api。仅供学习,禁止商业使用,侵权请联系删除。

4k4d icon 4k4d

4K4D: Real-Time 4D View Synthesis at 4K Resolution

abu icon abu

阿布量化交易系统(股票,期权,期货,比特币,机器学习) 基于python的开源量化交易,量化投资架构

agentgpt icon agentgpt

🤖 Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser.

ai icon ai

Build AI-powered applications with React and Svelte

ai-chatbot icon ai-chatbot

A full-featured, hackable Next.js AI chatbot built by Vercel Labs

ai-town icon ai-town

A MIT-licensed, deployable starter kit for building and customizing your own version of AI town - a virtual town where AI characters live, chat and socialize.

aiassist icon aiassist


aichatweb icon aichatweb


aidea icon aidea

AIdea 是一款支持 GPT 以及国产大语言模型通义千问、文心一言等,支持 Stable Diffusion 文生图、图生图、 SDXL1.0、超分辨率、图片上色的全能型 APP。

aidea-server icon aidea-server

AIdea 是一款支持 GPT 以及国产大语言模型通义千问、文心一言等,支持 Stable Diffusion 文生图、图生图、 SDXL1.0、超分辨率、图片上色的全能型 APP。

aioquant icon aioquant

Asynchronous event I/O driven quantitative trading framework.

android-multi-camera icon android-multi-camera

Android Multi-Camera sample app with Camera2 API. Two physical cameras are simultaneously controlled with one virtual camera.

andserver icon andserver

:cherries: Web server and web framework of Android platform.

animateanyone icon animateanyone

Animate Anyone: Consistent and Controllable Image-to-Video Synthesis for Character Animation

anyhouse icon anyhouse

高仿 ClubHouse,语音直播、语聊房、高音质、极速上麦,开源 ClubHouse,实现了Clubhouse的上麦,下麦,邀请,语音音量提示等功能。

api icon api

Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API

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