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Kyle McMartin's Projects

atop icon atop

System and process monitor for Linux

bcc icon bcc

BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more

blktests icon blktests

Linux kernel block layer testing framework

fbkutils icon fbkutils

A variety of utilities built and maintained by Facebook's Linux Kernel Team that we wish to share with the community.

flashcache icon flashcache

A general purpose, write-back block cache for Linux.

latrace icon latrace

LD_AUDIT feature frontend for glibc 2.4+

lorax icon lorax

Tools for creating images, including the Anaconda boot.iso, live disk images, iso's, and filesystem images.

prelink icon prelink

git-svn import of prelink with trunk-movement in r134 removed

razor icon razor

I really should know better.

vv icon vv

a simple python tool to manage various vcs trees sanely

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