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Justin Julicher's Projects

dreamhouse-lwc icon dreamhouse-lwc

Sample application for Lightning Web Components on Salesforce Platform. Part of the sample gallery. Real estate use case. Get inspired and learn best practices.

jsforce icon jsforce

Salesforce API Library for JavaScript applications (both on Node.js and web browser)

salesforce-angular2-boilerplate icon salesforce-angular2-boilerplate

Boilerplate for building an Angular 2 application on the Salesforce platform. Includes the ability to develop locally using the Salesforce REST API

seamless-immutable icon seamless-immutable

Immutable data structures for JavaScript which are backwards-compatible with normal JS Arrays and Objects.

sfdc-git-package icon sfdc-git-package

Create Package.xml and destructiveChangesPre.xml from git diff between two commits

sfdx-git-delta icon sfdx-git-delta

Generate the sfdx content in source format from two git commits

winget-pkgs icon winget-pkgs

The Microsoft community Windows Package Manager manifest repository

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