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Jhen-Jie Hong's Projects

action-local-cache icon action-local-cache

A Github Action to save and restore files across job runs directly in the runner's file system

actix-jobs icon actix-jobs

Efficient and reliable background processing for Rust using Actix and Redis

actix-web icon actix-web

Actix Web is a powerful, pragmatic, and extremely fast web framework for Rust.

awesome-react-native icon awesome-react-native

An "awesome" type curated list of React Native components, news, tools, and learning material

aws-sdk-android icon aws-sdk-android

Official mirror of version 2 of the AWS Mobile SDK for Android. For more information, see our web site:

babel icon babel

:tropical_fish: Babel is a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

babel-minify icon babel-minify

:rotating_light: Some babel plugins and tools to minify ES6+ code

babili icon babili

:scissors: An ES6+ aware minifier based on the Babel toolchain (beta)

bark.cpp icon bark.cpp

Port of Suno AI's Bark in C/C++ for fast inference

cn icon cn

Ceph Nano - One step S3 in container with Ceph.

companies-using-graphql-in-taiwan icon companies-using-graphql-in-taiwan

ζ­€ repo η”¨ζ„εœ¨ζ–Όη›‘εŠ›ζ”Άι›†ε°η£ζœ‰δ½Ώη”¨ GraphQL ηš„ε…¬εΈοΌŒδΏƒι€²ε°η£ GraphQL ζŠ€θ‘“η™Όε±•θˆ‡δΊ€ζ΅

crossbuilder icon crossbuilder

Building web, Electron, Cordova and Chrome apps, and cross-browser extensions with React, Redux and Webpack. "Write once, deploy everywhere" concept in practice.

css-to-rn.macro icon css-to-rn.macro

Convert CSS to React Native style sheet at build time with babel macros

detox icon detox

Gray Box E2E Tests and Automation Library for Mobile Apps

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    A server is a program made to process requests and deliver data to clients.

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