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Joao Ventura's Projects

acsi2stm photo acsi2stm

Atari ST ACSI to SD card converter with a STM32

atom photo atom

Open-source, web application for archival description and public access.

blt photo blt

Acquia's toolset for automating Drupal 8 and 9 development, testing, and deployment.

bufferphp photo bufferphp

Automatically Post Updates To The Buffer API With PHP.

ddev photo ddev

DDEV-Local: a local PHP development environment system

drupal-project photo drupal-project

:rocket: Composer template for Drupal projects. Quick installation via "composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project"

drush photo drush

Drush is a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those who spend their working hours hacking away at the command prompt.

elite-beebasm photo elite-beebasm

Fully documented and annotated source code for Elite on the BBC Micro

emutos photo emutos

EmuTOS is a Free operating system for Atari ST computers, and more.

panzoom photo panzoom

A library for panning and zooming elements using CSS transforms :mag:

pharborist photo pharborist

A PHP library to query and transform source code via tree operations.

Print.js photo Print.js

A tiny javascript library to help printing from the web.

zx-diagnostics photo zx-diagnostics

Firmware to allow functional testing of ZX Spectrum hardware and related clones. See the wiki for full details.

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