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Jaune Carlo Sarmiento's Projects

android-toast icon android-toast

An HTML5 replication of the Native Android Toast

appscroll.js icon appscroll.js

AppScroll is a tiny (< 100 lines) JS library that fixes the "website dragging" issue caused on iDevices

blkflexibleheightbar icon blkflexibleheightbar

Create condensing header bars like those seen in the Facebook, Square Cash, and Safari iOS apps.

bpre icon bpre

bot protection reverse engineering

brushes icon brushes

Painting app for the iPhone and iPad.

buildasaur icon buildasaur

Free, local and automatic testing of GitHub Pull Requests with Xcode Bots. Keep your team productive and safe. Get up and running in minutes. @buildasaur

circle-menu icon circle-menu

A circular menu jQuery plugin, inspired by the Path application for Android and iOS

coderwall icon coderwall

Professional network for software engineers

contrib-hub icon contrib-hub

Open source lovers, making easier to find cool projects to hack on! Wanna help?

easeljs icon easeljs

The Easel Javascript library provides a full, hierarchical display list, a core interaction model, and helper classes to make working with the HTML5 Canvas element much easier.

flex icon flex

An in-app debugging and exploration tool for iOS

follower icon follower

Track trip distance, speed, altitude, and duration like a boss.

fries icon fries

Fries helps you prototype Android apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

hellofries icon hellofries

Fries and PhoneGap integration demo Android project

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