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This project forked from donobono/doactionsheet

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An replacement for UIActionSheet : block-based, customizable theme, easy to use with image or map

License: MIT License

Objective-C 97.22% Ruby 2.78%

doactionsheet's Introduction


An replacement for UIActionSheet : block-based, customizable theme, easy to use with image or map


with title, with destructive button, with cancel button and with image

DoAlertView Screenshot

support scroll if there are many buttons but cancel button’s position is fixed

DoAlertView Screenshot

customizable color set

DoAlertView Screenshot

with map

DoAlertView Screenshot


  • iOS 7.0 and greater
  • ARC



DoActionSheet *vActionSheet = [[DoActionSheet alloc] init];
// required
vActionSheet.nAnimationType = _sgType.selectedSegmentIndex;	// there are 3 type of animation

// optional
vActionSheet.dButtonRound = 2;	

// with image
vActionSheet.iImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"pic1.jpg"];
vActionSheet.nContentMode = DoContentImage;

// with map
vActionSheet.nContentMode = DoContentMap;
vActionSheet.dLocation = @{@"latitude" : @(37.78275123), @"longitude" : @(-122.40416442), @"altitude" : @200};

// launch DoActionSheet! - With destructive button, cancel button and title
vActionSheet.nDestructiveIndex = 2;

[vActionSheet showC:@"What do you want for this photo?"
            buttons:@[@"Post to facebook", @"Post to Instagram", @"Delete this photo"]
             result:^(int nResult) {
                 NSLog(@"---------------> result : %d", nResult);

// launch DoActionSheet! - With title and without cancel button
[vActionSheet show:@"What do you want?"
            buttons:@[@"Open with Safari", @"Copy the link"]
            result:^(int nResult) {
                NSLog(@"---------------> result : %d", nResult);
// customizable theme
#define DO_BACK_COLOR               DO_RGB(232, 229, 222)

// button background color
#define DO_BUTTON_COLOR             DO_RGB(158, 132, 103)
#define DO_CANCEL_COLOR             DO_RGB(240, 185, 103)
#define DO_DESTRUCTIVE_COLOR        DO_RGB(124, 192, 134)

// button text color
#define DO_TITLE_TEXT_COLOR         DO_RGB(95, 74, 50)
#define DO_BUTTON_TEXT_COLOR        DO_RGB(255, 255, 255)
#define DO_CANCEL_TEXT_COLOR        DO_RGB(255, 255, 255)
#define DO_DESTRUCTIVE_TEXT_COLOR   DO_RGB(255, 255, 255)


DoActionSheet was created by Dono Cho.


DoActionSheet is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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