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100-days-of-swift-3 icon 100-days-of-swift-3

A self-taught project to learn Swift 3 by finishing all Sam Lu's 40 Apps in 100 Days.

dotfiles icon dotfiles

paul's shell, git, etc config files. also homebrew, migration setup. good stuff.

free4chat icon free4chat is an instant audio conferencing service. It is designed by the local first and privacy first principle, and is very easy to use.

ielts icon ielts

IELTS word list, for Chinese who wants to take IELTS

jquery-impromptu icon jquery-impromptu

An extention to help provide a more pleasant way to spontaneously prompt a user for input.

my-datav icon my-datav

react + datav 炫酷的大屏数据可视化展示

react-ant-admin icon react-ant-admin

使用 ant-design react react-hook ts 开发的类 ant-design-pro 管理后台,具有完整的权限系统和配套的node + ts 的 api

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