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Android-AjaxListView photo Android-AjaxListView

有局部刷新功能的listview 类似Ajax - include partial refresh feature's listview like ajax

Android-MountDevInfos photo Android-MountDevInfos

兼容多张sd卡的手机 获取多张sd卡信息 - Compatible with multiple sd card , get multiple sd card information

Android-NiceUI photo Android-NiceUI

Some interesting and nice UI effects or views, it's useful for your android develop

Android-ScratchOutView photo Android-ScratchOutView

高仿刮奖效果的View 可以设置刮开多少比例范围 自动显现 - Scratch card effect view , and can set the scraping what percentage range automatically displayed below ui

Android-SGTextView photo Android-SGTextView

同时带字体描边 渐变 阴影的TextView - both have stroker, gradient and shadow TextView

AndroidStudio-XCC-Patch photo AndroidStudio-XCC-Patch

如果Android Studio有打字卡顿严重,尤其是XML中编辑使用自动补全功能时卡顿,修改Xmx无法解决时,使用此补丁或有奇效。

stream-chat-android photo stream-chat-android

Official Android SDK for Stream Chat. Powerful client, offline support, and UI component libraries for awesome in-app chat features. Kotlin-first, Open-Source, free for Makers.

Unity-ImageLoader photo Unity-ImageLoader

用于Unity中的图片异步显示加载库 async load and display image in unity

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