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Martin Ndirangu's Projects

.github icon .github

Default Community health files for Facebook projects

0d1n icon 0d1n

Tool for automating customized attacks against web applications. Full made in C language with pthreads, have a fast performance.

0wned icon 0wned

Code execution via Python package installation.

32bitpemalware icon 32bitpemalware

this a collection of 32 bit PE malware scraped from the internet and updated everyday

3snake icon 3snake

Tool for extracting information from newly spawned processes

a-grim-loth icon a-grim-loth

Essential Algorithms / Data structures implemented in c++ and python

a2sv icon a2sv

Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability

aadinternals icon aadinternals

AADInternals PowerShell module for administering Azure AD and Office 365

aaia icon aaia

AWS Identity and Access Management Visualizer and Anomaly Finder

abcd icon abcd

ActionScript ByteCode Disassembler

abqpy icon abqpy

Type Hints for Abaqus/Python Scripting

abusehelper icon abusehelper

A framework for receiving and redistributing abuse feeds

abuseio icon abuseio

AbuseIO is a toolkit to receive, process, correlate and notify about abuse reports received by network operators, typically hosting and access providers.

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