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Kamil Gałuszka's Projects

adr-viewer photo adr-viewer

Generate easy-to-read web pages for your Architecture Decision Records

aspen-python photo aspen-python

A multiglot web framework with filesystem routing. This is the Python version. photo

A filesystem dispatch library for Python web frameworks

beam photo beam

Apache Beam is a unified programming model for Batch and Streaming

behaving photo behaving

Behavior-Driver-Development for multi-user web/email/sms applications

corpora photo corpora

Lightweight NLP corpus format for python

DataflowTemplates photo DataflowTemplates

Google-provided Cloud Dataflow template pipelines for solving simple in-Cloud data tasks

dj-libcloud photo dj-libcloud

Adds easy python 3 and 2.7 support to Django for management of static assets.

django-jquery-file-upload photo django-jquery-file-upload

A minimal django project containing a minimal app with a working jquery file upload form based on the work by Sebastian Tschan:

djangocms-blog photo djangocms-blog

django CMS 3.0 blog application - Support for multilingual posts, placeholders and social network meta tags

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