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Flarnie Marchan's Projects

accio icon accio

Configurable generator creation tool for node.js. Write JS faster; `accio GENERATOR NAME ARGS`

bistro icon bistro

Bistro is a flexible distributed scheduler, a high-performance framework supporting multiple paradigms while retaining ease of configuration, management, and monitoring.

bridgeic icon bridgeic

Firmware for BridgeIC functionality for 1S servers for Yosemite Platform

conceal icon conceal

Conceal provides easy Android APIs for performing fast encryption and authentication of data.

corpus icon corpus

A note-management application for OS X

dataloader icon dataloader

DataLoader is a generic utility to be used as part of your application's data fetching layer to provide a consistent API over various backends and reduce requests to those backends via batching and caching.

delegatedrecoveryspecification icon delegatedrecoveryspecification

Allows an application to delegate the capability to recover an account to an account controlled by the same user or entity at a third party service provider.

dfuse icon dfuse

dfuse is a binding for the fuse filesystem library written in D.

diffux icon diffux

A tool to diff website snapshots

django-python-info icon django-python-info

A collection of introductory knowledge on Python and it's most popular web app framework, Django.

dotfiles2 icon dotfiles2

General dotfile configurations (excluding Vim configs)

draft-js icon draft-js

A React framework for building text editors.

dragon-keeper-js icon dragon-keeper-js

experiment with converting the Dragon Keeper Game from Ruby to OO JS, using Backbone JS

dragon_keeper icon dragon_keeper

A text-based game about raising dragons that runs in the terminal.

ds2 icon ds2

Debug server for lldb.

emitter icon emitter

A JS EventEmitter foundation for evented code

enzyme icon enzyme

JavaScript Testing utilities for React

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