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fengsri's Projects

BrainDamage photo BrainDamage

Remote administration tool which uses Telegram as a C&C server

excelize photo excelize

Go language library for reading and writing Microsoft Excel™ (XLSX) files.

HEVC-CU-depths-prediction-CNN photo HEVC-CU-depths-prediction-CNN

Using convolutional neural networks to predict the Coding Units (CUs) depths in HEVC intra-prediction mode, in order to reduce the time of the encoding process in HEVC.

KitDB photo KitDB

KitDB是一个内嵌式持久型的 高速NoSQL存储 lib

model-demo photo model-demo


myblog photo myblog

I think myblog is a very good project, which is divided into front-end module and back-end module. I have used the most popular SSM architecture to design the main frame and added many functions to my personal blog, such as: authority, comment, reply and recommend. these functions can also be used in the enterprise. We can practice this project to get more skills about SSM Structure.

note photo note


OCSystem photo OCSystem

🚀ONLYCHAIN blockchain underlying system-OCSystem

Programming-free-Physics-Minigames-Development-Platform photo Programming-free-Physics-Minigames-Development-Platform

A programming-free HCI solution for easier implementing creative physics minigames, feasible for all ages and all level. Users can directly export their idea as the executable file or save the source code, that has been generated simultaneously while editing things on the canvas.

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