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[Feature] Add dependencies between actions about fastlane HOT 5 CLOSED

KrauseFx avatar KrauseFx commented on September 27, 2016



should raise an exception, since it's obviously the wrong order of tools. I think there should be a new command, which you can put on the top of the Fastfile, something like


which will not raise an exception (in case you have some complex nested calls)

The exception should be raised when running the script and entering the sigh action, which sees, ipa was already run.

Therefore, fastlane should keep a record of executed commands and store it in the lane context.

from fastlane.

Comments (5)

champo avatar champo commented on February 22, 2015

Maybe commands is not the best idea? Since I could have a custom action that does sigh-like things. But rather, require that actions declare their inputs and outputs, and match those?

from fastlane.

almassapargali avatar almassapargali commented on February 22, 2015

Maybe just don't care and let commands run in there order user declared. And let it fail if some inputs incorrect, like user wants to create push certificate, but not created app yet, etc. 😈

from fastlane.

KrauseFx avatar KrauseFx commented on February 22, 2015

@almassapargali agree, that's possible the easiest and most stable way. Maybe we should close this issue.

from fastlane.

joshdholtz avatar joshdholtz commented on February 22, 2015

@KrauseFx I agree. I don't think command dependency is necessary. Sounds like it be over engineering at the moment 😁

from fastlane.

KrauseFx avatar KrauseFx commented on February 23, 2015

Okay, I'll close this issue for now.

from fastlane.

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