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fastlane-bot avatar fastlane-bot commented on March 2, 2024

It seems like you have not included the output of fastlane env
To make it easier for us help you resolve this issue, please update the issue to include the output of fastlane env 👍

from fastlane.

syhe avatar syhe commented on March 2, 2024

I don't think the output of fastlane env would be particularly helpful in this case.

If it does happen to be useful, I will happily provide it.

from fastlane.

john53258 avatar john53258 commented on March 2, 2024

Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated.

from fastlane.

phani92 avatar phani92 commented on March 2, 2024

@john53258 For this issue, we created a custom action that downloads the intermediate certificate and installs in the keychain. Please note that the input parameters are mandatory for the action. You can download the action from my Github gists. Feel free to use it.

from fastlane.

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