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Support comments in JSX about react HOT 2 CLOSED

facebook avatar facebook commented on February 28, 2024
Support comments in JSX

from react.

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vjeux avatar vjeux commented on February 28, 2024

Things we also talked about:

  • Adding <!-- comment --> that would be transformed into /* comment */
  • We can already do the following but they are not optimal: {{/* comment */}}, {[/* comment */]}, {!/* comment /*0}
  • Handlebar does the following: {{! comment }}
  • Javascript comments are already working within the tag: <div /* comment */> and <div // comment \n>

from react.

jeffmo avatar jeffmo commented on February 28, 2024

Just an update: I've got a change to the parser queued up that allows for <div>{/* this is a comment*/}</div>.
I'll probably send it out tomorrow after I've had some time to do a little more extensive testing first...but it should do the trick

from react.

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