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eps1lon avatar eps1lon commented on June 16, 2024 2

Prior discussion: #14357

from react.

migueloller avatar migueloller commented on June 16, 2024

Prior discussion: #14357

Thanks for pointing out that discussion @eps1lon. It seems that the visual building case is a common use case. That being said, that issue seems to be quite old and there's not a ton of activity from the React team on that. Do you have any insight on ways to move forward?

I like the idea proposed there about extracting findDOMNode to a separate package, like was done with prop types, so that it's not in react-dom but library maintainers can still leverage it if refs don't cut it.

from react.

childrentime avatar childrentime commented on June 16, 2024

What's troubling me is this: I have an 'Impr' component, which is used as follows:


I need to find the root of the child element directly in 'Impr' using findDomNode. I don't want to use a div wrapper because it might disrupt the style layout.

from react.

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