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halilxibrahim avatar halilxibrahim commented on May 21, 2024

As far as I understand, there may be a behavioral problem with the pointer-events feature. If the elements are disabled with pointer-events: none, you can solve the mouse events of the child elements with pointer-events: all from being transferred correctly to the parent elements as follows


Use Side-by-Side Level Elements:

Avoid this problem by using elements at the same level rather than nested elements. Thus, the pointer-events property will work without being affected.
Divide Events Further:

Bind events to more specific elements so that each element processes only its own events. This will prevent unwanted domain sharing.
Try an Alternative CSS Approach:

Maybe changing pointer-events dynamically in a particular case or using a different structure could solve the problem.
Preventing React Event Bubbling:

Prevent events from being escalated by catching React events and stopping them. You can catch the onMouseLeave event and stop the event from being propagated upwards using methods such as e.preventDefault() or e.stopPropagation().
Which Approach Should You Use?:

Do trial and error to determine which approach works best for your situation. This will depend on your specific use case and needs.

I hope I understood the problem and helped.

from react.

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