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mfosterw avatar mfosterw commented on May 21, 2024 1

Updating Nextjs fixed it, thanks @LuBustos!

from react.

TheJarX avatar TheJarX commented on May 21, 2024

This is just a comment; just trying to note that the documentation includes some alternatives to Children. Did you try with any of those alternatives?

from react.

mfosterw avatar mfosterw commented on May 21, 2024

This issue actually arose for me through a Mantine component calling Children.toArray. Here is the code, and if you can think of an alternative way to do what they're doing I can try to suggest it. It seems to me like there's no good alternative for the use case.

from react.

LuBustos avatar LuBustos commented on May 21, 2024

I am using next v14.2.0 and it works well, try updating your next version and check if it works.

from react.

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