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Nedomas avatar Nedomas commented on April 25, 2024 2

I don't think this is related to deleting. I get the same problem if I start entering text on a previously empty line, but one that has content in lines after it.

For example, enter this into the textarea:



Then click on the missing line (where 3 would be) and try to start typing - it won't work. This happens both with controlled and uncontrolled textareas.

from react.

blghns avatar blghns commented on April 25, 2024 1

@iansan5653 Nice bug writeup! I am seeing this issue too here is the same code on a fiddle. Also tried passing the value as a defaultValue instead of children, it still had the same problem.

Also wanted to note that this is probably not a safari bug textarea as pure html element works as expected.

from react.

keithamus avatar keithamus commented on April 25, 2024 1

Instead of setting the value inside the node, I refactored it to use a useEffect and set the actual DOM nodes .value. The bug seems to not be present in this case.

from react.

iansan5653 avatar iansan5653 commented on April 25, 2024 1

Oh interesting. Maybe a better title than would be "textarea inputs in Safari stop accepting input on certain empty lines" 🤔

from react.

blghns avatar blghns commented on April 25, 2024

I wonder if this is a React bug or a ReactDOM bug.

from react.

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