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ocpjbod is an enclosure management tool that controls some OCP storage enclosure, like Open Vault (Knox).

Home Page:

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ocpjbod's Introduction


ocpjbod is a SCSI enclosure management tool that controls some OCP storage enclosure and storage server, like Open Vault (Knox), Honey Badger, etc. Details about these hardware are available at

ocpjbod is made to be extendible, we welcome external contributions.

Discussions are conducted in


ocpjbod requires or works with

  • Linux
  • sg3_utils-libs (>= 1.28)
  • sg3_utils-devel (>= 1.28)
  • libcurl
  • libcurl-devel
  • json-c
  • json-c-devel
  • switchtec-user

Building ocpjbod

  1. Make sure gcc, make and required libraries are installed.

  2. Run in ocpjbod directory:

    make all

Installing ocpjbod

After successful make, run in ocpjbod directory:

make install

Example Commands

ocpjbod list

ocpjbod hdd --hdd-on 0 /dev/sg1

ocpjbod sensor /dev/sg1



ocpjbod's People


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