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14th icon 14th


alert icon alert

JavaScript library to play sound alerts

alice icon alice

Alice - 写CSS的更好方案

almond icon almond

A minimal AMD API implementation for use after optimized builds

anarki icon anarki

Community-managed fork of the Arc dialect of Lisp; for commit privileges submit a pull request.

angularjs-pdf icon angularjs-pdf

An AngularJS directive <ng-pdf> to display PDF files with PDFJS

animate.css icon animate.css

Cross-browser CSS3 animations. Plug and play. Do a little dance.

arg.js icon arg.js

Lightweight URL argument and parameter parser

at.js icon at.js

Add Github like mentions autocomplete to your application.

backbone icon backbone

Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events

backgrid icon backgrid

Finally, an easily stylable semantic HTML data grid widget with a Javascript API that doesn't suck.

basket.js icon basket.js

A proof-of-concept script loader for caching/loading scripts with localStorage

berserkjs icon berserkjs

berserkJS 是新形态的前端测试自动化工具 + 页面性能分析工具 ,同时也是个使用 JS 语法控制的命令行浏览器。可用 JS 编写前端自动测试用例 + 页面性能分析用例。 想了解更多?看看连接中的文档吧~~

bestpractices icon bestpractices

Best practices and coding conventions for the NPR News Apps team.

browser-logos icon browser-logos

vector and raster versions of all browser logos possible. transparent backgrounds.

buttons icon buttons

A CSS button library built using Sass and Compass

caniuse icon caniuse

Raw browser/feature support data from

cardkit icon cardkit

A mobile UI framework to help you build mobile web apps quickly and simply, or transfer entire website to native-like web app for touch devices

cdnjs icon cdnjs

Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.

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