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Richard Hess

Experienced software developer with a passion for creating User Interfaces (Atomic Design, Stencil, Svelte, Vue, React, GraphQL). I am currently working as a Portfolio Technical Architect for UI/UX, exploring Micro Frontend architectures & technologies.

my npx business card:

npx eswat2@latest

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Richard Hess's Projects

auto-ikons icon auto-ikons

prototype - collection of SVG icon components for React...

brew-file icon brew-file

my personal Brewfile configuration with utility script...

egghead-exploring icon egghead-exploring

my attempt to mix the Create Your First React App with the Idiomatic Redux code base...

egghead-mobx icon egghead-mobx

my experiment converting the Github Note Taker app to Mobx

egghead-notes icon egghead-notes

build the Github Note Taker app using create-react-app tool...

egghead-notetaker icon egghead-notetaker

working directory for the class on creating a React application, but structured using classes and webpack dev server

eswat2 icon eswat2

NPX business card -- eswat2 (aka. Richard Hess)

eswat42 icon eswat42

NPX business card -- eswat42 (aka. Richard Hess)

faux-base icon faux-base

a simple notes server to support the Github Note Taker app from the course...

fire-notes icon fire-notes

a simple websocket notes server for an course...

food2-api icon food2-api

a super simple wrapper for the food2fork api, providing CORS support...

git-notes icon git-notes

build the Github Note Taker app using Vue 3 and Vite..

gt-forza icon gt-forza

a simple serverless GraphQL api using cars from Forza Horizon 5...

gt-sports icon gt-sports

a simple GraphQL & REST server using cars from GT Sport...

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