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3levelmemcache icon 3levelmemcache

All modern server side applications use memcached as fast caching technology. Memcached comes with multiple languages clients including java. The client provides you an ability to gain access to the memcached servers and perform operations you need. All these operations a low level and require you to have control over synchronous/asynchronous execution of your request, require you to specify serializer to use, require you to manage data at low level. As you know memcached is in-memory storage, if server crashes - data is lost. To avoid this kind of issues we write/read data from 2 identical memcached storages. Even if one crashes the other still able to server traffic and application do not see the problem. No outage for application.

a3 icon a3

Code to generate the A3 results to accurately report model error in an accessible manner for predictive models.

actix-net icon actix-net

A collection of lower-level libraries for composable network services.

aeron icon aeron

Efficient reliable unicast and multicast message transport

agner icon agner

Erlang package manager (A Giant Nebula of Erlang Repositories)

ain icon ain

DeFi Blockchain - enabling decentralized finance on Bitcoin

airflow icon airflow

Apache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows

akanda icon akanda

An open source packet filter solution for OpenStack deployments.

akash icon akash

a secure, transparent, and peer-to-peer cloud computing network

al icon al

AL language code samples for developing extensions for Dynamics 365 Business Central

alex icon alex

Automata Learning EXperience (ALEX) - A free and open-source web application for testing and learning web applications via active automata learning

algebraixlib icon algebraixlib

algebraixlib is a library that provides constructs and facilities to harness the fundamentals of data algebra.

algo icon algo

algorithm question coding

algo-cpp icon algo-cpp

Standard algorithms for competitive programming in C++, with explanations.

algorithms-illuminated---part-3 icon algorithms-illuminated---part-3

This is the implementation of 3rd Part in 3-Part Series of Algorithms Illuminated Book. All Implementations in this repository are written in both Python and Golang. Single IPython Notebook contains all Algorithms given in this Part 3.

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