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Hi 👋, I'm Łukasz

A passionate Frontend Developer from Poland 🇵🇱

lukasz-kurpiewski kvsky_travel


  • 🔭   I’m currently working on neovim dotfiles and couple of not open-source business projects
  • 🌱   I’m currently learning Design in Figma, Three.js and Go Basics
  • 💬   Ask me about React.js, (Neo)Vim and Linux
  • 📫   Reach me at [email protected]


Łukasz Kurpiewski's Projects

cmp-npm photo cmp-npm

An additional source for nvim-cmp to autocomplete packages and its versions

dotfiles photo dotfiles

Dotfiles for my awesomewm/i3 Arch setup & neovim

keymaps photo keymaps

A user repository with my keymaps for Sofle RGB QMK keyboard.

nvim photo nvim

A non-minimal Neovim config built to work most efficiently with Frontend Development - React & Vue.js

nvim-cmp photo nvim-cmp

A completion plugin for neovim coded in Lua.

pjatk-smb1-rn-shopping-list photo pjatk-smb1-rn-shopping-list

Shopping List React Native app with AsyncStorage (SharedPreferences) & Recoil.js & Content Provider & SQLite database

SRS photo SRS

Classroom Reservation System - Engineering diploma project in Angular 8 & Java

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