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Hi, I'm David. I specialize in Django/Python contracting and have over 10 years of professional experience building and maintaining Django apps.

David Colgan's Projects

bin icon bin

Scripts for doing Linuxy things

binarystory icon binarystory

Choose your own binary adventure story engine thingy

deodorant.js icon deodorant.js

Optional strong typing in Javascript without precompiling! Created before Typescript existed.

django-functest icon django-functest

Helpers for creating high-level functional tests in Django, with a unified API for WebTest and Selenium tests.

dotfiles icon dotfiles

My configuration files for easy access on new computers.

dvcolgan icon dvcolgan

DVColgan: Independent Full Stack Web Developer since 2011 specializing in Django and React.

ecsengine icon ecsengine

My foray in the world of Entity Component System Engine design.

languagesurvey icon languagesurvey

My computer science senior research project comparing C, Python, Clojure, Haskell, and Factor.

ludumdare28 icon ludumdare28

A PhaserJS game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 28. Timelapse:

ludumdare29 icon ludumdare29

Repo for my Ludum Dare 29 entry, this time with ECS and ThreeJS

ludumdare30 icon ludumdare30

Collaboration with Atmospherium and Rectangular Tim for Ludum Dare 30

ludumdare33 icon ludumdare33

My entry with Andrew Neel and Dain van Epps for Ludum Dare 33

ludumdare35 icon ludumdare35

The official entry of David Colgan and Dain van Epps for Ludum Dare 35, the real entry is in the rockpaperscissors branch

lwimw6 icon lwimw6

Collaboration with Atmospherium for LookWhatIMadeWeekend 6

mainbus icon mainbus

A Neurodivergence-Focused tool for managing life

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