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Dan Trenz's Projects

a2lamp-requirejs-demo icon a2lamp-requirejs-demo

An over simplified and contrived example of how to use RequireJS, created for a live coding demo during a talk I gave to the A2LAMP meetup group (

audiokit icon audiokit

Swift audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform for iOS, macOS and tvOS

bugshaker icon bugshaker

Shake to submit a bug report (w/ screenshot) via email.

camo icon camo

a small http proxy to simplify routing images through an SSL host

docs icon docs

Behat documentation repository

fastlane icon fastlane

Connect all iOS deployment tools into one streamlined workflow

jitpack icon jitpack

JITpack is Just-In-Time packing of web assets (i.e. CSS/LESS, JS).

laravel-model-demo icon laravel-model-demo

Demonstration project of how the various Eloquent model relationships work, in the context of a simple blog site.

launchgate icon launchgate

LaunchGate makes it easy to let users know when an update to your app is available.

miautismapp icon miautismapp

A ratings and reviews web app for parents of autistic children.

nimble icon nimble

A Matcher Framework for Swift and Objective-C

observable icon observable

Simplified Swift pub/sub wrapper for NotificationCenter.

ohhttpstubs icon ohhttpstubs

Stub your network requests easily! Test your apps with fake network data and custom response time, response code and headers!

oss-team-dashboard icon oss-team-dashboard

Simple web dashboard for highlighting open source activity & contributions made by people in your GitHub organization, or on a specific team.

pod-check icon pod-check

Cocoapods plugin that ports the Bundler check CLI command.

quickexample icon quickexample

Example project meant to demonstrate an issue with Quick:

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