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adblockmitmproxypy3 icon adblockmitmproxypy3

使用mitm做为http代理服务器,并应用adblock规则过滤广告。use mitm as http proxy ,which can block ads by applying adblock rules 。 modified for running in python 3.

alloyimage icon alloyimage

基于HTML5的专业级图像处理开源引擎。An image processing lib based on html5.

alloytouch icon alloytouch

Smooth scrolling, rotation, pull to refresh, page transition and any motion for the web - 丝般顺滑的触摸运动方案

alterbridge icon alterbridge

前端和Android客户端交互封装,前端和Android客户端方法的相互调用,打造一款Web App,适用于混合开发

android-zblibrary icon android-zblibrary

🔥Android快速开发框架,MVP架构,丰富的功能、简单的实现、详细的注释、规范的风格。OKHttp、Glide图片加载、ZXing二维码、沉浸状态栏、下载安装、自动缓存以及各种Base、Demo、UI、Util直接用。全新的手势,侧滑返回、全局右滑返回都OUT啦!BaseHttpListActivity,几行代码搞定http请求列表 加载和缓存;BaseView,自定义View竟然如此简单;万能的Entry<K, V>,两个变量的Model/JavaBean再也不用写了;100多个常用style,一行搞定View属性,一键统一配置UI...[详情请看图文介绍]

antd-spa icon antd-spa

:angel: React Andt Background Management System

anyproxy icon anyproxy

A fully configurable http/https proxy in NodeJS

anywhere icon anywhere

Running static file server anywhere / 随启随用的静态文件服务器

aop.js icon aop.js

0.17 kb Aspect Oriented Programming Micro Library

api-server icon api-server

A JSON file RESTful API with authorization based on json-server

apijson icon apijson

⚡后端接口和文档自动化,前端(客户端) 定制返回JSON的数据和结构!

apkcal icon apkcal

用于Android APK文件中class、method、field、string数量的深度统计,尽早统计,尽早解决,尽早规避65536的风险!

app icon app

Landing page for's app

apubplat icon apubplat

Devops自动化部署、堡垒机开源项目、Web Terminal

armscomponent icon armscomponent

A complete android componentization solution, powered by MVPArms.

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