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Graphite's CLI makes creating and submitting stacked changes easy.

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License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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graphite-cli's Introduction

What is Graphite?

Graphite is a fast, simple code review platform designed for engineers who want to write and review smaller pull requests, stay unblocked, and ship faster. Anyone can start using Graphite individually without needing their coworkers to change tools - we'll seamlessly sync your code changes and reviews. We built Graphite because we missed internal code review tools like Phabricator (at Facebook) and Critique (Google) that help engineers create, approve, and ship small, incremental changes, and long-term we’re passionate about creating products & workflows that help fast-moving eng teams achieve more.

Graphite is designed to be used at work - unfortunately we don't yet support submitting PRs to open-source repos as an external contributor (i.e. without write access) due to limitations of GitHub.

Graphite beta

Graphite is currently in beta, and you’ll need a Graphite account to submit pull requests with the CLI. You can sign up for early access!

User guide

Everything is still a little early, so please add comments to our user guide if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions!


View the Graphite CLI changelog


We do not consistently check GH issues — if you have any questions or issues, reach out to us on our Community Slack server!

Developing and Running tests

Interested in contributing to graphite CLI? Here's how to get started.

You'll need to install yarn on your machine

npm install --global yarn

Build the CLI

cd apps/cli
nvm use
yarn install
yarn build

Running tests

cd apps/cli
DEBUG=1 yarn test --full-trace

Running a subset of tests

cd apps/cli
DEBUG=1 yarn test --full-trace -g "test pattern"

Running one test

cd apps/cli
DEBUG=1 yarn test-one "<path to .js test file in dist folder>"

Running the CLI locally (after build)

cd apps/cli
yarn cli <command> # (to run `gt <command>`)

Linking gt to a locally built version (includes a build)

cd apps/cli
yarn dev
# then to run commands:
gt <command>

Running into difficulties getting the CLI repo set up on your system? Check out this PR

By contributing to the Graphite CLI, you agree to the terms of the Graphite Individual Contributor License Agreement as defined in

graphite-cli's People


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