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acl icon acl

A powerful server and network library, including coroutine, redis client, http, websocket, mqtt with C/C++ for multi-platform.

asio2 icon asio2

Header only c++ network library, based on asio,support tcp,udp,http,websocket,rpc,ssl,icmp,serial_port.

cppast icon cppast

Library to parse and work with the C++ AST

dyproxy icon dyproxy


embedx icon embedx

embedx 是基于 c++ 开发的、完全自研的分布式 embedding 训练和推理框架。它目前支持 图模型、深度排序、召回模型和图与排序、图与召回的联合训练模型等

libuv icon libuv

Cross-platform asynchronous I/O

processnet icon processnet


raft-demo icon raft-demo


safe-rules icon safe-rules


sd-webui-prompt-all-in-one icon sd-webui-prompt-all-in-one

This is an extension based on sd-webui, aimed at improving the user experience of the prompt/negative prompt input box. It has a more intuitive and powerful input interface function, and provides automatic translation, history record, and bookmarking functions. 这是一个基于 sd-webui 的扩展,旨在提高提示词/反向提示词输入框的使用体验。它拥有更直观、强大的输入界面功能,它提供了自动翻译、历史记录和收藏等功能。

threadpool icon threadpool

The thread pool using c++ 11 std::thread + std::future.

workflow icon workflow

C++ Parallel Computing and Asynchronous Networking Engine

yasio icon yasio

A multi-platform support c++11 library with focus on asio (asynchronous socket I/O) for any client applications.

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