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examples icon examples

Community showcase and examples of Actix ecosystem usage.

exchange icon exchange

Java 交易所源码,前端APP使用uniapp开发,后端使用java开发,采用 Spring Cloud Alibaba 微服务架构,撮合引擎使用`Disruptor`高效内存队列,所有服务可以实现分布式部署,websocket推送通过增加一层路由服务实现分布式部署

exchange-1 icon exchange-1

2021年更新开源数字货币合约交易所,基于Java开发的比特币交易所 | BTC交易所 | ETH交易所 | 数字货币交易所 | 交易平台 | 撮合交易引擎。本项目有完整的撮合交易引擎源码、后台管理(后端+前端)、前台(交易页面、活动页面、个人中心等)、安卓APP源码、苹果APP源码、币种钱包RPC源码。开源项目仅供学习参考,请勿用于非法用途

exchange-core icon exchange-core

Ultra-fast matching engine written in Java based on LMAX Disruptor, Eclipse Collections, Real Logic Agrona, OpenHFT, LZ4 Java, and Adaptive Radix Trees.

fastmatchingengine icon fastmatchingengine

FastMatchingEngine 是一款高性能的数字货币撮合引擎 POC 实现。该项目是用 Java 语言进行开发,无任何第三方依赖。

ignite-book-code-samples icon ignite-book-code-samples

All code samples, scripts and more in-depth examples for the book high performance in-memory computing with Apache Ignite. Please use the repository "the-apache-ignite-book" for Ignite version 2.6 or above.

javaspringbootsamples icon javaspringbootsamples


redisutil icon redisutil


spring-boot-ignite icon spring-boot-ignite

Show case for how to integrate apache ignite with spring boot plus using the durable memory feature and sql queries over ignite in memory caches

the-apache-ignite-book icon the-apache-ignite-book

All code samples, scripts and more in-depth examples for The Apache Ignite Book. Include Apache Ignite 2.6 or above

tutorials icon tutorials

Just Announced - "Learn Spring Security OAuth":

vnpy icon vnpy


vxms icon vxms

vxms is a Vert.x based micro service framework

wallet icon wallet


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