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ckwalsh's Projects

apollo-server icon apollo-server

🌍 GraphQL server for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa and more

autocert icon autocert

⚓ A kubernetes add-on that automatically injects TLS/HTTPS certificates into your containers

chromium-rdp icon chromium-rdp

NodeJS library to communicate with Chromium over the Chromium Remote Debugging Protocol

hackws icon hackws

Websockets library written in Hack

libsprite icon libsprite

Multi Language CSS Sprite generation library

oauth2-proxy icon oauth2-proxy

A reverse proxy that provides authentication with Google, Azure, OpenID Connect and many more identity providers.

ogame-formulas icon ogame-formulas

Description and JS implementation of several formulas used in OGame

pcgen icon pcgen

Main code and data development for pcgen program release

phpbb-smarty icon phpbb-smarty

Compatibility layer for phpBB providing support for the Smarty templating engine

phpbb-website-framework icon phpbb-website-framework

A simple, easy to use framework for building a website around the phpBB 3.0.x forum software package

phpbb3 icon phpbb3

phpBB 3 Development: phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin board written in PHP. This repository also contains the history of version 2.

piler icon piler

Awesome Asset Manager for Node.js

send icon send

:mailbox_with_mail: Simple, private file sharing. Mirror of

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