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Chris Kuethe's Projects

allsky icon allsky

A Raspberry Pi operated Wireless Allsky Camera

allsky-portal icon allsky-portal

A simple, responsive web interface to control an allsky camera connected to a Raspberry Pi

bookshelf icon bookshelf

Ebook management system on S3 compatible storage which provides OPDS feed.

chip icon chip

Shell script to read the AXP209 power IC registers

cryptex icon cryptex

Utility for managing EXT4 encryption on removable devices

csdr icon csdr

A simple DSP library and command-line tool for Software Defined Radio.

docs icon docs

The open-source repo for

geigerlog icon geigerlog

mirror of

gr-chancoding icon gr-chancoding

gr-chancoding, by @mbr0wn. Restored from the original CGRAN

gr-etcetera icon gr-etcetera

Additional PyBOMBS recipes that aren't in gr-recipes

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