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Ceki Gülcü's Projects

foo-plugin icon foo-plugin

Bogus plugin for testing slf4j integration in Maven 3.1

jndi-injection-exploit icon jndi-injection-exploit

JNDI注入测试工具(A tool which generates JNDI links can start several servers to exploit JNDI Injection vulnerability,like Jackson,Fastjson,etc)

log-slowness icon log-slowness

Shows an unexplained performance issue in a debug log scenario on Windows.

logbackrcedemo icon logbackrcedemo

The project is a simple vulnerability Demo environment written by SpringBoot. Here, I deliberately wrote a vulnerability environment where there are arbitrary file uploads, and then use the `scan` attribute in the loghack configuration file to cooperate with the logback vulnerability to implement RCE.

penna icon penna

Opinionated SLF4J backend that logs natively to json

reproducible-central icon reproducible-central

Reproducible Central: rebuild instructions for artifacts published to (Maven) Central Repository

segl icon segl

Scala Enthusiats Group Lausanne

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