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Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers.

ir_black icon ir_black

Based on Todd Werth's IR_Black:

minimore icon minimore

A clean minimalist WordPress theme. Based on Leo Babauta's mnmlist theme.

quicksave icon quicksave

A Vim plugin automactically save newly created empty buffer to backup path.

sinablog icon sinablog


txt icon txt

用于中文书写的 Vim 语法高亮文件,支持常见序号和不太复杂的配对标点符号,建议搭配 ir_black 主题使用。

vim icon vim

My vim configuration, plugins, themes and syntax files.

voom icon voom

VOoM (Vim Outliner of Markups) is a plugin for Vim that emulates a two-pane text outliner.

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