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dext.ts's Introduction


The Preact Framework for Deno. Dext.ts is heavily inspired by Next.js.

  • Zero config
  • Pre-render pages at build time (SSG)
  • Tiny (example is only 5.75KB of JS)
  • Client hydration
  • Built-in routing
  • Zero config TypeScript support
  • File-system routing
  • Code-splitting, bundling, and tree shaking built in


To install, run the following command. This will make the dext CLI available in your path.

deno install --allow-read --allow-write --allow-env --allow-net --allow-run --unstable -f -n dext[email protected]/cli.ts


For an example, see the /example folder. You can create a production build it by running dext build, and then serve it by running dext start. You can also run dext dev to start watching, building, and serving.

You can also see a deployed version of this example on at

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