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This project forked from denoland/deno_docker

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Latest dockerfiles and images for Deno - alpine, centos, debian, ubuntu

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License: MIT License

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deno_docker's Introduction


Docker files for Deno published on Dockerhub:

ci status

Run locally

To start the deno repl:

$ docker run -it denoland/deno:1.18.0 repl

To shell into the docker runtime:

$ docker run -it denoland/deno:1.18.0 sh

To run main.ts from your working directory:

$ docker run -it -p 1993:1993 -v $PWD:/app denoland/deno:1.18.0 run --allow-net /app/main.ts

Here, -p 1993:1993 maps port 1993 on the container to 1993 on the host, -v $PWD:/app mounts the host working directory to /app on the container, and --allow-net /app/main.ts is passed to deno on the container.

As a Dockerfile

FROM denoland/deno:1.18.0

# The port that your application listens to.


# Prefer not to run as root.
USER deno

# Cache the dependencies as a layer (the following two steps are re-run only when deps.ts is modified).
# Ideally cache deps.ts will download and compile _all_ external files used in main.ts.
COPY deps.ts .
RUN deno cache deps.ts

# These steps will be re-run upon each file change in your working directory:
ADD . .
# Compile the main app so that it doesn't need to be compiled each startup/entry.
RUN deno cache main.ts

CMD ["run", "--allow-net", "main.ts"]

and build and run this locally:

$ docker build -t app . && docker run -it -p 1993:1993 app

Using your own base image

If you prefer to install deno in your own base image, you can use the denoland/deno:bin to simplify the process.

FROM ubuntu


COPY --from=denoland/deno:bin-${DENO_VERSION} /deno /usr/local/bin/deno

(optional) Add deno alias to your shell

Alternatively, you can add deno command to your shell init file (e.g. .bashrc):

deno () {
  docker run \
    --interactive \
    --tty \
    --rm \
    --volume $PWD:/app \
    --volume $HOME/.deno:/deno-dir \
    --workdir /app \
    denoland/deno:1.18.0 \
    "[email protected]"

and in your terminal

$ source ~/.bashrc
$ deno --version
$ deno run ./main.ts

See example directory.

Note: Dockerfiles provide a USER deno and DENO_DIR is set to /deno-dir/ (which can be overridden).

If running multiple Deno instances within the same image you can mount this directory as a shared volume.


Thanks to Andy Hayden for maintaining and setting up these images.

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