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.emacs.d icon .emacs.d

[OUTDATED] migrated to

asteroids icon asteroids

Simple Asteroids clone in Python, using pygame

blog-old icon blog-old

Source code of a previous version of

comp1406-w14 icon comp1406-w14

My assignments for COMP1406 programming course @ Carleton University, winter 2014

cv icon cv

[OUTDATED] repository now located at

doom-dot-emacs icon doom-dot-emacs

My [old] Doom-based Emacs configuration. See my dotfiles repo for the current configuration.

doom-emacs icon doom-emacs

My doom-based Emacs configuration. Out of date ever since splitting my private/amin module into a separate repo

eecs4080 icon eecs4080

The Magic of Specifications and Type Systems

gystar icon gystar

Exporting GitHub starred repos to a gist and vice-versa (experimental)

id3r icon id3r

A simple and beautiful ID3 tag editor for Android

jami icon jami

Jami is a free and universal communication platform which preserves the user's privacy and freedoms

opendht icon opendht

OpenDHT: a C++14 Distributed Hash Table implementation

run-tests icon run-tests

Useful script for automatically running acceptance files and reporting pass and fails

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