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arch-ppa icon arch-ppa

Create and maintain personal Arch linux package repositories

buildroot icon buildroot

Buildroot, making embedded Linux easy. Note that this is not the official repository, but only a mirror. The official Git repository is at Do not open issues or file pull requests here.

cfimager icon cfimager

Write Freescale/NXP imx sb file or raw data to SD card

crc icon crc


csp icon csp

Chip Software Package

dfu-c-sharp icon dfu-c-sharp

使用 C#语言写的一款基于TFTP协议的自动升级软件

dsview icon dsview

An open source multi-function instrument for everyone

easy-build icon easy-build

Collection of Dockerfiles for building embedded software distributions

easy-u8g2-font-generate-tools icon easy-u8g2-font-generate-tools

This is an easy to operate u8g2 font generation tool. Users only need to input the text to be converted, select the font file and set the font size. The tool will automatically de duplicate the text, generate the map font mapping file, generate the BDF font library, and finally export the C language code

embd icon embd

Embedded Programming Framework in Go

embox icon embox

Modular and configurable OS for embedded applications

etl icon etl

Embedded Template Library

go-common icon go-common

哔哩哔哩 bilibili 网站后台工程 源码

go-patterns icon go-patterns

Curated list of Go design patterns, recipes and idioms

go-react-example icon go-react-example

[DEPRECATED] This is an example of project which shows how to render React app on Golang server-side

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