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-dampView-springingView photo -dampView-springingView


30dayMakeOS photo 30dayMakeOS


acme-tiny photo acme-tiny

A tiny script to issue and renew TLS certs from Let's Encrypt

ActivatePowerMode photo ActivatePowerMode

ActivatePowerMode is a plugin for Xcode. This plugin will make your code powerful.

ActiveLabel.swift photo ActiveLabel.swift

UILabel drop-in replacement supporting Hashtags (#), Mentions (@) and URLs (http://) written in Swift

ActivitySwitcher photo ActivitySwitcher

以卡片视图的形式管理你的 Activity,让你的 app 可以自由的切换、跳转、关闭 Activity 以及结束 app 程序!

aesthetic photo aesthetic

[BETA] A fast and easy to use plug-and-play dynamic theme engine. Powered by Rx, for Android apps.

AgentWeb photo AgentWeb

🔥 AgentWeb 是基于 Android WebView 一个功能完善小型浏览器库 。 使用很方便 , 集成进你应用 ,只需几行代码 。

agera photo agera

Reactive Programming for Android

ahbottomnavigation photo ahbottomnavigation

A library to reproduce the behavior of the Bottom Navigation guidelines from Material Design.

AirSandbox photo AirSandbox

view iOS app sandbox file system on real device, share files via airdrop

Amigo photo Amigo

A hotfix library for Android platform, and not just this...

AndFix photo AndFix

AndFix is a library that offer hot-fix for Android App.

android photo android

Smartisan open source code for full build.(repo manifest xml)

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