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Amethyst Reese's Projects

actions-ci-circuitpython-libs icon actions-ci-circuitpython-libs

A script that will install all of the common dependencies for testing CircuitPython library builds using Github Actions or Travis CI

aiosqlite icon aiosqlite

asyncio bridge to the standard sqlite3 module

apigen-ci icon apigen-ci

API Generator for CodeIgniter with support for multiple data formats

aql icon aql

asyncio query generator

arch icon arch

Personal package repository for Arch Linux

awesome-zsh-plugins icon awesome-zsh-plugins

Collection of ZSH frameworks, plugins & themes inspired by the various awesome list collections out there.

ax icon ax

Adaptive Experimentation Platform

bitbar-aqi icon bitbar-aqi

BitBar plugin for displaying current AQI from one or more nearby PurpleAir sensors

black icon black

The uncompromising Python code formatter

bowler icon bowler

Safe code refactoring for modern Python.

captum icon captum

Model interpretability and understanding for PyTorch

circuitpython icon circuitpython

CircuitPython - a Python implementation for teaching coding with microcontrollers

ckan icon ckan

The Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network

click icon click

Python composable command line interface toolkit

combine icon combine

Cross-platform installation and upgrade management library for large binary program assets

congress icon congress

Search engine passthrough with customizable shortcuts

cortana icon cortana

Customized Arch Linux live image builder

cpgame icon cpgame

Simple game framework for CircuitPython embedded hardware

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