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Alibaba's Projects

spring-cloud-alibaba icon spring-cloud-alibaba

Spring Cloud Alibaba provides a one-stop solution for application development for the distributed solutions of Alibaba middleware.

sreworks icon sreworks

Cloud Native DataOps & AIOps Platform | 云原生数智运维平台

statemanager icon statemanager


structure-view icon structure-view

Structure View for ATOM editor, just like Outline view in Eclipse or Structure tool window in IDEA / WebStorm, provides quick navigation for symbols of source code with a tree view.

swarm icon swarm

Swarm: a Docker-native clustering system

system-register-tools icon system-register-tools

system-register-tools: The tools are aiming to access the system registers for ARM platform.

table-computing icon table-computing

Table-Computing (Simplified as TC) is a high performance and low latency computing framework, 10x faster than Flink for complicated use cases, distributed and light weighted, relational operation, simple to use, write less and do more.

tac icon tac

The TAC (Tiny API Cloud) is a server-side solution with tangram. Of course, it also supports the use of secession from tangram; TAC is not a platform, nor a framework, but a development model.

tair icon tair

A distributed key-value storage system developed by Alibaba Group

tair-go icon tair-go

A client packaged based on go-redis that operates Tair For Redis Modules.

tair-py icon tair-py

A Python client of Tair based on redis-py

tairhash icon tairhash

A redis module, similar to redis hash, but you can set expiration and version for field.

tairstring icon tairstring

A redis module, similar to redis string, but you can set expire and version for the value. It also provides many very useful commands, such as cas/cad, etc.

tairzset icon tairzset

A redis module, similar to redis zset, but you can set multiple scores for each member to support multi-dimensional sorting

tamper icon tamper

A Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another

tangram-android icon tangram-android

Tangram is a modular UI solution for building native page dynamically including Tangram for Android, Tangram for iOS and even backend CMS. This project provides the sdk on Android.

tangram-ios icon tangram-ios

Tangram is a modular UI solution for building native page dynamically, including Tangram for Android, Tangram for iOS and even backend CMS. This project provides the sdk on iOS platform.

taokeeper icon taokeeper

ZooKeeper-Monitor, a monitor for zookeeper in java. Download

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