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Welcome to Dragon Island 🐉

I specialize in things that no one would do in their right mind.

Implementation of currying and partial application in PHP. Bindings for OpenGL, SDL and Vulkan API. A real lexer, grammar parser and compiler, and more...

Watch out for dragons!

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Kirill Nesmeyanov's Projects

asset icon asset

[Abandoned] Asset Compiler (Asset Pipeline) for Laravel

async icon async

Simple async library example

curry icon curry

NOTE! This repository has been moved. It is in this repository for backward compatibility.

dioma icon dioma

[DRAFT] Powerfull dependency injection container

gitter-api icon gitter-api

[production-ready] Gitter API implementation for php 7.0+ allowing sync, async and streaming access.

hydrogen icon hydrogen

This reposititory is abandoned use the actual instead:

immutable icon immutable

NOTE! This repository has been moved. It is in this repository for backward compatibility.

interval icon interval

A small library that implements the interval iterator function

jit icon jit

[Exprimental] PHP JIT compiler over LLVM

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