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Matthew Peveler's Projects

action-vpnc icon action-vpnc

GitHub action to use VPNC to do some action on remote network

amphetype icon amphetype

advanced typing program -- import texts, autogenerate lessons, detailed statistics, etc. icon

:globe_with_meridians: Asciidoctor project site. Composed in AsciiDoc. Baked with Awestruct.

blazer icon blazer

Business intelligence made simple

cfg2cnf icon cfg2cnf

A Context-Free Grammar to Chomsky Normal Form Parser

connect4-ai icon connect4-ai

Connect 4 Game written in Python including an AI player 2 implementing a number of strategies

cookbook icon cookbook

Cookbook of recipes I've acquired from family and various other places

csc499 icon csc499

Bayesian Network Application for Criminology Based Research

doppelganger icon doppelganger

Easy interface to write messages to any RabbitMQ exchange/queue to mimic some actual service

dotfiles icon dotfiles

:bookmark_tabs: Since no one wants to have to remember how to setup their computer again

env icon env

Environment Variables for Humans™

euler icon euler

Solutions to Project Euler questions written in python

existentialgraphs icon existentialgraphs

An existential graph drawing and solving software. Built using electron, developed for use in logic classrooms.

firepad icon firepad

Collaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase

gazee icon gazee

A WebApp for reading your comics. Built in Python on top of CherryPy.

gitvier icon gitvier

A Git dependency manager where you want to manage both the core container repository and dependency repositories.

hazel icon hazel

Lightweight update server for Electron apps

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