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This was the Drupal 7 app which powered and our international affiliates from 2013-2018. It was gradually replaced by Phoenix "Next", which first launched in 2017. This application was officially retired in January 2019.


©2019 DoSomething is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file. The name and logo for are trademarks of Do Something, Inc and may not be used without permission.'s Projects

503 photo 503

A simple 503 page, suitable for use on any properties.

analytics photo analytics

:chart_with_upwards_trend: A tiny helper for Google Analytics and Optimizely.

aurora photo aurora

:crescent_moon: The admin interface.

backfill_cgg_users photo backfill_cgg_users

Fix used for finding CGG users who didnt get a Phoenix account & applying a fix to them

bertly photo bertly

🔗 A serverless link shortener.

blink photo blink

:postbox: The message broker.

carmen photo carmen

Where in the World has the DoSomething Crew been on Sabbatical?

chompy photo chompy

:card_index: The third-party importer.

Code-Checker photo Code-Checker

Code checking app. Runs tests on pull requests through diffs, then leaves comments in those pull requests with results of tests.

code-style photo code-style

Code style guidelines and editor configuration.

communal-docs photo communal-docs

📚 Documentation that is shared across various repositories.

Conductor photo Conductor

Early experiments with a nodal workflow editor for Drupal inspired by Views and Maestro and powered by ctools.

conductor_sms photo conductor_sms

Basic SMS integration for for conductor (very much a work in progress).

count-von-count photo count-von-count

A simple tool to filter a string for spelled numbers (one hundred), digits (1 hundred), or mixed numbers (1 hundred) and convert it all to digits (100).

ctools photo ctools

Locked CTOOLS 1.8 version for

darwin photo darwin

How we work & what we believe at

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