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Austin Brunkhorst's Projects

android-samples photo android-samples

Repository that contains android tutorial projects and sample applications

aurelia-menu photo aurelia-menu

Example Code for creating a menu with child routes in Aurelia

auth0-aurelia-samples photo auth0-aurelia-samples

Integrate Auth0 in Aurelia apps. Supported and maintained by Community Developers, not Auth0. For more information about different support levels check

Blog photo Blog

The platform for professional publishers

cli photo cli

The official command line tooling for Aurelia. Use the CLI to create projects, scaffold components and bundle your app for release.

core photo core

:house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first

drei photo drei

🌭 useful helpers for react-three-fiber

facsim photo facsim

Low poly home assistant simulator frontend

normalizr photo normalizr

Normalizes nested JSON according to a schema

snooz photo snooz

Home Assistant component to control SNOOZ white noise sound machine

store photo store

Aurelia single state store based on RxJS

templating photo templating

An extensible HTML templating engine supporting databinding, custom elements, attached behaviors and more.

Xena photo Xena

Home automation system using Alexa for voice input.

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